First quintuplet birth in the south of Peru


Physicians from the Alberto Seguín Hospital of EsSalud,Arequipa, participate in the birth of quintuplets.



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Arequipa, Jan. 29. Social Security Health Insurance (EsSalud) confirmed the positive health status of the quintuplets born on the morning of Tuesday, January 27, at thirty weeks of gestation. The delivery, considered high risk, was performed with all the necessary medical care.

Olga Rodríguez (38) and Hugo Arrayán (40) received with surprise the new members of the family, who are considered the first quintuplets born in the EsSalud Care Network of Arequipa. They have a good prognosis, despite being born premature, thanks to the care received in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Alberto Seguín Escobedo Hospital.

Enrique Taco Cornejo, Head of Obstetrics at Carlos Alberto Seguín Escobedo National Hospital, said the multiple births began at 8:45 am on Tuesday, January 27, with the first baby of the Rodríguez Arrayán family received at 9:13 am, a boy weighing 1.355 kilos. The second, a girl, was born at 9:15 am, weighing 1.42 kilos.

The third, another boy, was born at 9:16 am, weighing 1 kilo; the fourth, a girl, arrived at 9:17 am and weighed 1.14 kilos; and finally, the fifth baby was born at 9:19 am with a weight of 960 grams.

This multiple pregnancy stemmed from an infertility treatment, which according to the first ultrasounds, would result in quadruplets. However, nature surprised both family members and professionals by adding a fifth baby that had not been detected in the pre-natal checks, due to the position of the babies in the womb.

The Neonatology Department shared that despite the risks inherent in the pregnancy itself, the quintuplets are evolving favorably, but need to be kept under extreme care due to being born premature.

It was reported that one of the quintuplets is frail and, consequently, is receiving extra care in the EsSalud Neonatal ICU.

Manager of EsSalud Arequipa, Fernando Farfán Delgado, said that the Rodríguez Arrayán quintuplets and their parents are being showered with attention from Social Security and conveyed the interest of the Executive President of EsSalud, who is following the condition of the babies and has made the necessary arrangements to monitor their proper development.


Happy Parents

Hugo Rodríguez, father of the quintuplets, expressed his gratitude to EsSalud and the professionals who cared for his wife Olga, during this delicate intervention, as well as the multidisciplinary team of the Neonatal ICU that is providing specialized care to their quintuplets.

Despite the overwhelming happiness felt by the Rodríguez Arrayán family, they are aware that henceforth, they will face a tremendous responsibility in raising their five children, so they have requested support, since the quintuplets will need 1,200 diapers monthly, equivalent to over 1,500 Peruvian Nuevo Soles, and a similar amount to cover baby formula.


Published: January 29, 2015

Source: Andina (Peru News Agency)

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