The Brazilian maker of neonatal equipment should supply at least 70 products to a hospital slated for inauguration in Cairo this month.

 Brazilian neonatal, laboratory and biosafety equipment producer Fanem has won an international tender to supply equipment to Al Galaa Military Hospital, in Cairo. The medical centre should provide assistance to the relatives of Egyptian military personnel and should be inaugurated this month. According to a press statement disclosed by the company on Wednesday (10), around 70 products will be shipped to Egypt in coming days.

 According to the company, the products the hospital bought from Fanem include Bilitron phototherapy equipment. It was developed in Brazil and has been on the market since 2004. The equipment is used to treat neonatal jaundice. Instead of halogen lamps, says the company, the device uses Super LED lights. As a result, the treatment time is 40% less than in equipment that uses conventional lamps.

 In the statement, the executive director at Fanem, Djalma Luiz Rodrigues, stated that there is currently great international receptiveness for the company products. “We are celebrating this business mainly because we won the main tenders, as against more traditional global suppliers of neonatal equipment, which confirms the quality and competitiveness of Fanem products on the international market,” he said.

 Fanem exports to 90 countries. Of the 22 nations of the League of Arab States, its products are sold to 18. In 2011, the company opened an office in Jordan, targeting greater participation in the Arab countries in company export revenues. The expectation was for the region to grow from 35% to 45%.

 Among its main clients in the Arab world are Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Iraq. This year, Fanem participated in Khartoum International Fair, in Sudan, in January, and started selling to the country. Every year, Fanem participates in the Arab Health, which is promoted in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.