Walter Schmidt Award

“Walter Schmidt Award is named after an important personality of the medical equipment Brazilian industry. Born in Germany, March 19, 1911, Walter Schmidt graduated in electrotechnology at the Royal Schule University, in his home land.

His history is characterized by innovations and pioneering, always researching, creating and establishing international standard procedures in a time w there were not the modern quality controls at the incipient national industry.

Concerned with raising the health product standards, he actively participated and standardized the first specifications of his specialties at the beginning of ABNT - Brazilian Association of Technical Standards. Still in the 50s, concerned with infant mortality and facing importation difficulties, he introduced the first Gravity Convection Incubator, in which he was a pioneer not only in Brazil but also throughout Latin America.

For his work, creative vision, innovative spirit and dedication, Walter Schmidt is, without a doubt, the medicine industry pioneer in the country. Indeed, his name is intertwined with the history of the national electro-medical industry. Besides incubators and phototherapy systems for Brazil’s maternities and for many countries of the world, Walter Schmidt also innovated in laboratory equipment, by creating heaters, refrigerated chambers and a multitude of other pieces of equipment that placed the Brazilian analyses laboratories at the same quality level as the best ones in the world.

Walter Schmidt Award, therefore, not only preserves the memory of one of the greatest names in the Brazilian medical-hospital history, but also provides an example of hard-work, dedication and love to the health cause for the new generations.

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